March, 07 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Business decisions of Sima Salazar Group were taken by Tony Abi Saab, not Raymond Azar

Sima Salazar Group defrauded multi-million dollars of the US corp. of Engineers in Afghanistan

The President of the Sima Salazar international, Raymond Azar was convicted and imprisoned for ten years in the US court in 2009, but it was a partial success of the government because the mastermind of the multimillion dollars fraud, Tony Abi Saab is still roaming free.

Sima was a military construction company that embezzled multi-million dollars of the US Army in the contract frauds in Afghanistan. Raymond Azar was put behind the bars after the success of a sting operation against him and other employees of Sima Salazar group.

Raymond was just the puppet of his boss Tony Abi Saab and his family members who own most of the shares of Sima Salazar Group. The Sima Salazar was sub-contracted by K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch—shell companies of the Abi Saabs. Tony and his family members have involved themselves in several illicit businesses like smuggling arms and weapons to the terrorists and swindling money the US Army through fake construction companies and running ghost companies in war-prone countries.

Tony's main company Brescia Middle East is an international arms and weapons dealer company serves both sides in the wars—the military and the terrorist by selling them weapons.

A thing very few people know is that Raymond and Tony are close family relatives. Raymond's wife is the sister-in-law of Tony's father, Joseph Abi Saab. Almost all the business decisions of Sima Salazar were taken by the Abi Saabs, mainly by the proactive member of the family, Tony Abi Saab.

Brescia Middle East launders the crime money obtained from the terrorists after delivering them their desired weapons. Sima Salazar and BME were collectively working against the US troops deployed in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran.

Tony has not yet got any punishment and deserves to be put behind the bars before he arms all the terrorists around the world and misuses the US dollars.

Chief Editor